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Line Bella



Active ingredient in Line Bella includes Carnitine, which is a protein that is responsible for delivering the fatty acid into the mitochondria for metabolism. Once inside the cell, carnitine will guide the fatty acids to enter to the mitochondria, where the fat can be broken down by metabolic pathway.

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Different Lipolysis Methods

There are different methods of lipolysis in the beauty industry. But Line Bella uses Carboxy method, which is similar to the respiratory method of losing fat. Because it only targets the breakdown of fatty acid, carboxy method has lower risk than other lipolysis method such as PPC, which also targets the normal cell.


Fat Burning for Aesthetic Purpose

It needs to be made clear that Line Bella's lipolysis should not be used for weight loss. Line Bella does not provide significant weight loss. Instead, it offers the decrease in fat or cellulite in limited area, such as chin or arm, for the aesthetic purposes. Please note that if the patient does not have a strict diet or exercise plan, the fat lost by Line Bella will be regained.

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