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PDRN Serum


Sodium DNA

PDRN in cosmetics is processed to a more stable form, Sodium DNA. PDRN provides intensive skin care, and is especially good for promoting beautiful skin. What's more, PDRN can also help prevent new melanogenesis by inhibiting Tyrosinase, a key protein involved in melanogensis pathway.

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Sodium Hyaluronate

PDRN serum also has Sodium Hyaluronate, which provides skin hydration benefit. If applied onto the skin, Sodium Hyaluronate can provide greater benefit, such as protecting the skin from dryness.



Another beneficial ingredient in PDRN serum is Niacinamide, or nicotinamide, a form of Vitamin B3. Niacinamide has an excellent skin care property. Niacinamide is also great for improving hyperpigmentation. Thanks to Niacinamide present inside PDRN serum, it helps to improve the melasma on the skin.

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