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A new powerful cocktail "Glam Pink" for drastic skin boosting

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Healux Co. Ltd released a new powerful skin booster MesoGlory "Glam Pink" for professional skin care. Introduction of vitamin and peptide-rich ampoule into the skin. Can expect multiple effects from using the skin booster – hydration, rejuvenation, brightening, anti-aging

The skin booster may be used with MTS roller instead of the needle. And can be used on any type of skin – dry skin, oily skin, aged skin. Can use it on wrinkles, acne, open pore, or pigmented areas. Expect about 2 weeks to see the significant effect.

Most Ingredients are in stable form as precursors. Ingredients get converted to the usable form by the skin cells. Many ingredients protect the skin from the environmental stress – free radicals and sun UV rays. Contains vitamins that can counter the aging process.

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